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Free Will Astrology for the week of Jan. 11 TAURUS (April May 20): Are you familiar with the phrase "Open Sesame"? In the old folk tale.

Let's take a look at what's coming for each zodiac sign in February. On Monday, February 4 , a new moon in Aquarius will blanket the sky. This lunation will guide us into the next chapter, prompting radical change relating to our friend groups and extended social structures. Expansion can be scary, so take time to process. Early in the morning, Chiron will be gliding into Aries for the first time since For many of us, this will be our first time experiencing the sensitivity of Chiron fused with the fiery impulse of Aries.

What does it all mean? Through , we can expect to feel a lot more inspired to take action. After spending seven years linking our pain with our past, we will finally be ready to mobilize. Although it may take time to feel the influence, you can be certain that big change is coming.

Another notable event on Monday, February 18 : Pisces season kicks off the sun gliding into this watery sky. When you think of Pisces energy, imagine the ocean. Its surface glitters with possibility, but it can also be dangerous. When the fog rolls in, the sea fuses with the sky and the line between fantasy and reality becomes difficult to navigate.

Waves grow fierce, and, in a matter of minutes, the sea transforms into an inky, black abyss. Fortunately, the full moon in Virgo on Tuesday, February 19 will help us see everything clearly. Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in direct opposition in the sky. They create maximum nocturnal visibility, which allows us to observe whatever secrets have been buried in darkness. With Virgo energy in the mix, consider the ways you can use your innate skills to help others.

How can you heal yourself by offering external support? Read your full February horoscope here.

A new moon in Aquarius on Monday, February 4 will encourage you to find steadier footing, and you shouldn't be afraid to use your support system. Pisces season begins on Monday, February 18 , as the sun drifts into another like-minded water sign. Though Cancerian energy is often associated with domestic interests, your passions will be guided by wanderlust for the next several weeks.

This year, the only full moon in your sign occurs on Tuesday, February When the sun moves into Pisces on Monday, February 18 , love will pop up in the most unexpected places. Don't worry — you're ready for what it has to offer. On Monday, February 18 , a new zodiac season begins as the sun pivots into Pisces. May 13, Last Day June 13, August 17, October 21, December 25, February 28, LORD ajaw.


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