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Free Will Astrology for the week of Jan. 11 TAURUS (April May 20): Are you familiar with the phrase "Open Sesame"? In the old folk tale.

These natives tend to be very private despite being situated in the 5th house. They can be drawn to darker interactions and even more taboo behavior nothing illegal mind you aha but they do love anything that should be better kept to secret.

Intimacy and passion color much of the emotions they feel and often they might find themselves endlessly searching for passionate encounters no matter the circumstance as they tend to easily loose interest in half genuine endeavors. They can be social chameleons! With the moon here the propensity for absorbing the energies and frequencies of others is heightened. The children are often a high point for the native and an aspect of life be it closely or indirectly that they pour much of their emotions into!

Children truly brighten their day and even if the moon is afflicted children can be a huge catalyst for emotional growth and milestones. Moon in the 5th house natives breath life into their environments and can easily read everyone with precision. Albeit the night is their calling they tend to usually meet their lovers in more darker scenery and even in more night time aesthetic.

They prefer passion in the first months and can be very moody about how and when things should get serious so expect a very back and forth sort of courting period with these lovers aha. Although they have big hearts they can often move to quickly or to slowly because of how turbulent their feelings can be. The eyes are often sad and you can be lured to how out of place they seem. Originally posted by sidekickclubhouse. Mercury in the 5th house natives are one of the more ambiguous ones.

The mind and the body are often in a entanglement for these natives, caught between what they want to do and what they think they should be doing. Their is often a serpent like nature to their movements and even to the way they talk-often with double meanings and hidden innuendo.

These natives can have you running around in circles as they lead you just where they want to, only using a few well timed phrases and smiles. They often find pleasure in investigations and even daily human interactions. The children they raise are often their best Friends and communication and understanding is often heavily focused upon as they value an open air of respect amongst them and those younger then them. They might also find themselves being drawn to more younger or even energetic dating partners although many aspects to mercury are to be taken into account as well as the sign.

Dharma – Righteousness

That being said they loveeee to talk and even flirt with Potential love interest and in some cases they prefer that over the physical element of things. The party scene: ah the bored ones.

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They more curious and confident ones are branching out an meeting all the new faces while the more quiet ones are observing from the distance and shooting half awkward grins as the lights fade in and out. Originally posted by tvneon. Venus in the 5th house natives are honestly soft like honey. These natives can be about as innocent as a child and as mischievous as a teenager. They adore playing tag with the world around them, testing the limits. Dance, singing, even simply acting or artistry is very common ground.

They tend to adore the children and place them on a high chair for better or worse. The party scene: these natives can feel at home in a party. They easily emanate sensuality and pleasure without trying. People are often drawn to their aura and might feel the romance in the air. It can be a scene riddled with slow dances or one with lingering cheek kisses.

The party scene is usually a little wild but with a cutesy undertone.

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Mars in the 5th house natives can be an overwhelming force both emotionally and physically. Many of us have our limits or even or reservations yet mars in the 5th house natives can seemingly go on for hours and hours long after the initial flavor has left the garnish. For them pleasure is the endless pursuit and it can seem like their is a smoldering intensity living in every glance, every movement and every sigh.

Romance for them can be a bit stormy and sex filled as they often project their mars heavily in their sphere of romance. The danger exist in the fact that they can at times be too demanding in their romantic pursuits. They want Attention, but mars being the planet it is takes this to a new extreme as these natives often have an insatiable and sometimes domineering desire for love. They can have pretty heated relationships with kids seeing as how children they bump into or produce have even stronger energies and egos then they do aha.

Sex and passion play a huge role in those first few months! And all the years after lmao.

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The party scene: these natives are usually tame in the party environment. Similarly to animals, they rely on instinct and body movement as a means of reading how and when they should react. They normally prowl the party rather than stay in one specific area as to not corner themselves. Men here speak with sexual innuendo, especially if someone catches their eye whilst women here can seem more tension filled in their actions as they make their way around the party.

A very dark look. Originally posted by biscuitsarenice.


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Jupiter in the 5th house natives are very complex works of art. The idea of art is often an every changing ideology for them as often their view on the world and spirituality as a whole comes into play. They normally view the world and romance as a series of fated events and often experience some of their most powerful experiences via art, romance and child bearing. The children are often very enlightened and can often stray from societal norms as a means to seek clarity and alignment due to heightened spirituality given to them from the parent. The courting stage is often veryyyyy passionate and these natives normally meet their soul mate atleast once in their life.

The party scene: the more forest, outdoorsy get together is more their scene! They love Bering surrounded by close friends and even to some extent strangers.

Mercury in 5th House

They often prefer to submerse themselves in the energy of the party rather than standing out from it and can almost be hard to see because of how much they blend in with the sound or the crowd. They can become waves washing over you or they can be wind breezing along your hair. Originally posted by cinbustter. Saturn in the 5th house natives are the jaguars and black panthers of the zodiac. These natives have an incredible beauty about them only second to their intimidating Aura.

They tend to be somber and in some cases grim yet they more than most never really struggle with darker emotions and can pull themselves out of the shadows far easier than most. Intimacy is a heavy topic for them and due to early conditioning they often struggle opening up to potential lovers in the courting stage, even going as far to put them through endless trials before they can truly open up. Saturn in the 5th house natives although slower to open up tend to attract rather serious and dependable partners who prefer to stay the long haul! These natives tend to meet their lovers later in life and in some cases this can mean after high school!

Saturn usually ensures that their lovers are stable and forthright.

Sun enters Scorpio

The children are often taken on with full responsibility and can at times carry the same intensity and seriousness as the parent. These natives are very old school romantics and loveeee to be spoiled and to spoil their lovers albeit it takes time for them to get comfortable! They have an earthy sensuality about them that makes them so warm but they also have this intensity about them that makes them dangerously magnetic.

The party scene: often the ones sitting in between diming points in the lights. They often are immensely gorgeous and have very unique and often striking looks. Originally posted by rodrilicious. Uranus in the 5th house natives can seem like aliens from a distant land. Often these natives have a promiscuous air to them, as if anything and everything could be to their liking but also as if all of these things simultaneously could bore them. They tend to project an air of cool and welcoming provada.

To them the linguistics of a social gathering can be a complex math problem, or it could be one huge puzzle waiting to be solved.

Mercury in the 5th house in astrology (Mercury in the fifth house)

They often tip toe around tension and feelings as if it were a trap but they also find themselves drawn to emotional displays and those of different emotional backgrounds them them. They tend to lack emotional discipline and can easily get entranced in love affairs that might not have been the smartest choice. Often times they try to distance themselves from a liaison but find it hard once sex and intimacy get involved in the deal. They tend to fall for friends or lovers in odd circumstances and can even seem elusive from time to time as they tug for independence.

The kids can be rather vacant emotionally but can also be very bubbly and dynamic. These natives tend to play hot and cold during the courting stage but as I said sex and intimacy changes things. The party scene: my they can be very alluring.