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Free Will Astrology for the week of Jan. 11 TAURUS (April May 20): Are you familiar with the phrase "Open Sesame"? In the old folk tale.

They could definitely use a little work but are satisfied with each other none the less. The Aries man and Leo woman problems are far and few between.

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They have so much in common and love each other so much that the problems they do have seem very small and insignificant. Problems could arise when Leo woman gets hit on frequently. She may take the compliment and be quite flattered.

Aries man may be very jealous of this. Aries men tend to have a bit of a double standard that comes with their possessive behavior. He wants to keep his Leo woman all to himself. She may also not dig it when other women come onto him and when they do it; he acts like a school boy all giddy like. He loves the attention just as she does. Jealousy could come up with one or both of them really.

How Does an Aries Man and a Cancer Woman Bond?

This is the one main issue that could cause a huge conflict. However, when they really love each other, they will cling to their love and blow off the petty feelings they may have. Their activities may not always line up. They are both active but they may like very different things.

The Aries man with Leo woman is such a fantastic match that it would take a great deal to part them.


Aries Man Leo Woman Compatibility

A deal breaker for these two would be lies, infidelity, or any other major ordeal. They can handle just about anything else that gets thrown their way but neither will put up with sleights such as these. If a break up does happen between the Aries man and Leo woman, it will be quite painful and hard to cope with. The clause in this would be if they were never really deeply in love. When they do really love each other and they break up, they will both mourn each other and may not stay broken up for very long. They will want to find a way back to each other if possible.

They can absolutely spark their love right back up if they are willing to work past what upset the relationship in the first place. Love is real and heavy between these two fire signs.

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The final score for the Aries man with Leo woman is quite high. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a juicy 8. They really have a uniquely special bond that many may not understand. Then again, they may be a couple that others look up to for learning what real love looks like. They may inspire many with their passion in life and love together. Aries see themselves as leaders.

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While it's true they are indeed leaders, they lead by action and not by planning or intellectual process. This can be good or bad depending on the situation. They are arguably the most spontaneous sign, and as such the most prone to regret things later. They also have to make a conscious effort to look around to see other people's feelings and desires, it doesn't happen automatically for them.

If you're the sensitive type, then it's fair to say you may get your feelings hurt occasionally, though it probably won't be intentional. The Aries man typically prefers feminine and 'girly' women, ideally who are intelligent but straightforward, and are not overly ambitious or bossy by his standards which means they can be fairly ambitious and bossy by anyone else's! This is a man who will appreciate sexy clothes and underwear, the bolder the better. If you've been looking for someone to model those impractical slinky outfits for, this is the guy!

He enjoys being the pursuer, so once you're looking suitably sexy for him, being demure, timid and shy will score major additional points. Aries men are however also very intellectual. Good conversation and a strong mental connection are equally important to them, though it's often a less obvious facet of their personality. Relationships are complex things, comprising hundreds of individual elements. Sun signs are one of these, however a detailed analysis of everything is required to find all the strong and weak areas. Please see the article on astrology and soulmates for more information on how astrology can be used to determine if someone is your soulmate.

Online relationships and long distance relationships have unique challenges. One of these is that you get to see one side of someone very clearly: their personality. You don't however get to see anything about other factors such as sexual attraction. My compatibility reports address this by scoring all factors alongside each other so you can see the whole picture, with any strong or weak areas highlighted.

To explore this further please see my article on online relationships. Generally they don't. But, this is the type of generic question that often gets asked or answered whenever astrology is discussed.


Individual experiences are then quoted back and forth as proof that Aries men do or don't. Individuals get offended by general statements that don't apply to them, and everything goes downhill fast. The diagram below shows the problem here:. Astrology can predict someone's personality very accurately when the placement of all their planets is calculated. In that situation we can also predict their most likely behavior. From just someone's sun sign however we can only predict some aspects of their personality and it's too much of a leap to try and predict behavior from just those.

Astrology has fairly precise limits. This is an example of an area where sun signs are just too broad and clumsy to give an answer. A real compatibility reading is required to answer the question. This is a question which is very hard to give a general answer on, as no two Aries men are totally identical. The key is understanding him and what he finds most attractive in a partner.

Astrology can provide a wealth of information to enable this, however natal charts need to be prepared and studied to do so. Please see the article on seduction and astrology for more information on this. We have a dedicated section for Aries man gifts with examples of the types of gifts which Aries men enjoy within various categories from naughty to practical, including reader submitted suggestions. No advice will ever apply to every Aries man as they are all unique in various ways. I specialize in offering tailored advice based on your unique personality and his together, as one without the other isn't nearly as useful.

My astrology readings solve real relationship problems for real people every day.

For more information please see the article on relationship advice. This depends on far more than just your sun signs. The complete picture of your personality and his is determined by numerous planet placements at the time of birth. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. View this post on Instagram.

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